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Workplace Health & Wellbeing

COGG are here to help your business thrive. Ensure the well-being of your staff with our professional services and become a health-conscious leader in your field.

The Problem

The Solution

Mental Health Support & Guidance

 We aim to ‘bridge’ the gap between employee and employer as an external party.

Our health and wellbeing expert will support you as the employer with ways to help support your staff. We can help implement strategies to ensure your staff have all the support they need. 

No member of staff should suffer in silence and therefore we also  provide a mental health 'hotline' service where the staff member can access mental health support and guidance through phone or video call. Although we are not psychiatrists, we do practice mental health first aid and if we feel the matter cannot be dealt with through employer/employee support then we can point them in the direction of well known professional help and resources.

Workplace Physiotherapy

 If our years of physiotherapy experience have taught us one thing, it is that musculoskeletal conditions (such as back pain) often start in the workplace.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders such as back, neck or shoulder pain accounts for 30% of all days lost due to ill-health in working British adults.

This means that every year, around 28.2 million working days are lost due to these musculoskeletal problems. 

Physiotherapy can help to prevent these conditions from worsening and help to speed up recovery and therefore return to work and full recovery.

Ergonomic and DSE Assessments

Not only can we provide physiotherapy services for your staff, we can also help tailor their work place setup to help avoid these debilitating musculoskeletal conditions from developing or worsening.

Research has shown that improving your work place set up can even fix these problems without any treatment required. 

By keeping on top of your ergonomics you are not only looking after your staff, but also helping to boost productivity in the workplace!


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