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Physiotherapy Services
For Care Homes

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Centre Of Gravity offer a wide range of nursing home or care home physiotherapy services in Hampshire and Surrey.

We provide a variety of different Physiotherapy services - offering residents private physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of their home. 

For care homes who would benefit from their residents receiving regular physiotherapy treatments, through our care home contracts we can come in regularly to treat residents. The most popular way of doing this is through our regular Physiotherapy Exercise Classes. 

It’s not just the residents we can treat; we also offer our services to the care staff through an occupational health service.

Physical Therapy Session

Private physiotherapy treatment for residents

Active Senior Couple

Exercise classes

Occupational Therapy

Occupational health

  • According to Age UK, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fell at least once last year.


  • Falls in the elderly can lead to loss of confidence and fear of further falls. Of course they can also suffer broken bones requiring operations and lengthy hospital stays.


  • Physiotherapy treatment is vital when trying to reduce these falls in the future and to help build patients confidence back up. 

Senior Physiotherapy
Physical Therapy Session

Private Physiotherapy Treatment For Residents


Our physiotherapists will assess and treat individuals in a case-by-case nature. We have many years’ experience working in the NHS and private sector, including in orthopaedics and elderly care. We provide comprehensive and bespoke exercise plans to help the resident maintain mobility, strength and coordination to increase their confidence and quality of life. We believe physiotherapy is a crucial tool to help patients build self-esteem and to tackle the fear of falling.

Physiotherapy Treatment Includes:


A subjective assessment (discussion)
A conversation between the physiotherapist and the patient (or with relative or carer due to communication difficulties) will focus on assessing the patients current function and physical abilities as well as any issues they may
be having. The physiotherapist will also take into account the patients past medical history, drug history and social history to develop a full picture. 

Physical Examination
The patient will be assessed physically, with the physiotherapist taking note of their mobility, strength, balance, posture and any areas of pain. Special tests may be carried out if the patient suffers with any musculoskeletal disorders. 


Treatment options will be wide ranging, including strength or stretching exercises, mobility and gait education, falls prevention, balance work or manual therapy if indicated. If the physiotherapist decides that an exercise programme is required, exercises will be practised so that the patient (and carer or relative) feels comfortable and understands what is required and why. The exercise programme can written or typed up and left in a safe place at the home for easy access.


Follow ups
Typically if we have goals we are working towards, we will return for further treatment and assessment in order to progress exercises or continue treatment, until we have reached our goals.

Physiotherapy Treatment Benefits:


  • Assessing residents’ mobility and rehabilitation needs

  • Walking aid assessment and guidance

  • Assessing residents with a potential risk of falls and helping to implement measures to control this risk

  • Increased confidence and mobility of residents leading to reduced care needs and reliance on care staff

  • Giving residents a purpose and some goals to achieve, promoting healthy mental practices

  • Regular liaison and hand overs with care staff to ensure residents are getting the best quality care

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Exercise Classes

A core element of our care home physiotherapy service is providing tailored exercise classes to care home residents to encourage them to stay active and maintain their strength and mobility, as well as helping to reach their goals. The classes are designed to suit the abilities of the residents.

Exercise classes includes:

  • A mobility, strength and balance assessment for each individual attending the class in their first session

  • Tailored exercises to target muscle groups that will benefit all individuals attending the class

  • Fun, interactive exercises with music to ensure everyone enjoys themselves

  • Classes will be run by a physiotherapist and/or physiotherapy assistant depending on the needs of the individuals

  • Regular outcome measures to assess any improvements whilst attending the classes and for added motivation for the attendees

  • These can be run weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the needs of attendees/care home

Exercise class benefits:

  •  A social environment for residents to enjoy and work together in a non-judgemental, fun atmosphere

  • Exercise has been shown to improve mental health especially when in a group scenario

  • Regular exercise to help residents maintain their strength, balance and mobility 

  • Generally easy to access and set up for the care/nursing home – all we need is a space big enough to fit a few exercise stations!

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Health

We offer occupation health physiotherapy services to all employee’s at the care home. It is extremely common for care home workers to suffer with low back pain or knee pain from lifting and supporting residents with manual handling. By introducing an occupational health service, you could reduce your levels of sick leave due to any musculoskeletal issues. We can come in and treat your staff on site or off site depending on your preference. This service can help to reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and improve productivity. We can help to encourage a culture of support and wellbeing at your place of work, something that will benefit you and your staff for years to come. 


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COGG offer a wide range of nursing home or care home physiotherapy services in Hampshire and Surrey. 

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